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New study reveals men plan to spend more this Black Friday

Emily Rella, AOL.com

Black Friday is, more often than not, a holiday associated with stress, anxiety and pandemonium.

Sometimes the only way to counteract the madness is to plan ahead before it even begins — and most Americans seem to be doing just that.

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A recent study from Flipp, an app that specializes in circulating top local deals to help prep you before you even walk through stores, surveyed 1,000 American consumers to find out who was planning to spend what this Black Friday season — if they were even planning to spend anything at all.

When it comes to planning ahead, men are in fact more likely than women to pick out their Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchases in advance.

Check out which stores will be closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year:

Men are also more likely to opt for more expensive items like big-name electronics and appliances, while women are more likely to spend on toys, clothes, beauty & fragrance — items they usually don’t plan in advance to buy, but rather err to the side of impulsive spending.

That’s also probably why men are expected to spend more than women this Black Friday by nearly $200 — Men being expected to spend around $570 and women expected to spend $385.

And though retail is presumed to be in its dying days, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon — at least not when it comes to holiday shopping.

Nearly 45 percent of those who plan to shop on Black Friday plan to do so in-store with only an astounding nine percent of shoppers planning to do exclusively online. 

And of these shoppers, one generation in particular is more excited than the rest to hit the ground running on Black Friday — as if we needed more confirmation that they love to spend, nearly 60 percent of millennials expressed that they were excited for Black Friday.

Regardless of which of these categories you find yourself falling under, one thing's for certain -- Stores will certainly see no shortage of shoppers this holiday season!

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