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New Study Suggests Social Media's Impact on Healthy Relationships, Wins Attention of Ruben Law Firm

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2013) - According to Ruben Law Firm, while divorce has remained an issue in the legal field for several decades, the forces behind these marital splits have changed a great deal in recent years. Specifically, technology and the influences of an increasing digital era are noted to contribute to discontent and disconnection among couples. Now, a recent study from Oxford University has offered more insight on the pivotal role this modern resource plays in today's marriages.

Dr. Bernie Hogan of the Oxford Internet Institute explains the study on the university's website, "Over 24,000 people in marital relationships took part in the new research, using 10 media channels. We found that those using more media tend to report no greater relationship satisfaction and some even reported decreasing satisfaction. This work suggests that media, which now includes online social media, still operates as a signal of ties of strength in relationships. However there may be a cut-off point after which the increasing complexity of maintaining so many separate communications threads starts to undermine relationship ties."

While the attorneys at Ruben Law Firm do not believe this study should prompt individuals to stop their use of media, they do note that moderation plays a key role in maintaining healthy relationships and preventing issues that may eventually contribute to separation or divorce. In a recent press statement, Ruben Law Firm comments, "The Internet -- and social media specifically -- has provided a great resource for individuals to build relationships -- and even find partners to date or marry. However, many modern divorce cases involve individuals who have become too connected to forms of social media and have carried on affairs through the Internet."

As the Oxford University study suggests that media use can cause couples to become less connected, Ruben Law Firm explains why open communication is critical in mediating problems in relationships. The San Francisco family law firm comments in its press statement, "Even if divorce or separation does occur, those couples are more open to communication often experience a more peaceful separation."

Although the Oxford University study focuses on how modern telecommunications can impair a relationship, Ruben Law Firm also observes the ways that social media can harm a divorce. "It is often encouraged that those pursuing divorce limit or cease their activity on social media networks, as their actions on these sites can often reveal unfavorable characteristic traits of individuals -- and cause the court to deliver a less desirable ruling," Ruben Law Firm concludes in its press statement. 


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