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Stumped on What to Get Him for Father's Day? Why Not a Whole New Wardrobe!

Lauren Gordon


As much as I actively try to rail against gender stereotypes, there are some things that have just fallen routine in our house. I cook, he takes out the trash, and there is order to our little world. My husband, and father to my child, is talented at many things (seriously, the man is a savant when it comes to anything electronic), but one talent he very stereotypically doesn't have? A sense of style.

From job interviews to weddings, whenever he needs a new outfit, guess who gets dragged along for the decision-making ride?

I also don't want the poor guy to embarrass himself, so this Father's Day I am seriously considering signing him up for Stitch Fix.

stitch fix men

Stitch Fix

Offering sizes XS-3XL, waist 28-48 inches and inseams 28-36 inches, this subscription box service gives him access to styles curated especially for him that I do not have to personally put together or think about.

OK so MAYBE it is a bit of a gift for me, too.

All I have to do is fill out his style profile.


(And let's be real, I have a ton of experience with that.)

I answer simple questions like shirt size, pant size, and body type.

Next, I answer a series of questions on his fit, style, and what he'd be most likely to wear and the price point of clothes he'd be comfortable with.


Stitch Fix

Then, I select the frequency I'd like his box to arrive (apparently, once a month is most popular) and boom! My husband has a curated style box. Anything he decided to keep, the $20 styling fee will go towards it and the rest can be shipped back, no questions asked.

I'm pretty excited to give him this gift, and it's far enough ahead I can get it to arrive just a few days before Father's Day.

I'm also extremely excited to step down from my role as personal shopper.

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