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Stylekick Launches Sleek New Re-designed iOS Fashion App

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2014) -  Stylekick, creator of the popular style and fashion inspiration app, today announces the release of version 2.0, which includes such features as the ability for users to shop fashion looks presented and share on social media. The Stylekick iOS platform has been completely re-designed for fashion fiends who find inspiration in street style and learns from user's choices to recommend outfits and items that best speak to the consumer's personal style. The app is available now as a free download in the Apple App Store.

The new version comes complete with thousands of new looks sourced from bloggers and fashionistas around the world. In addition to users being able to shop fashion looks, users can double-tap multiple parts of an outfit to "Like" and save their favorite pieces, tap and hold to share outfits on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and flip through full-screen hi-res images quickly. The ability to like and save items in the context of an outfit is unique to Stylekick, and is proving to be a very addictive feature.

"Version 2.0 was created entirely with our dedicated users in mind," said Natalie Gray, co-founder of Stylekick. "We listened to user feedback and included the most requested features we could without losing the simple and minimalist feel of the original. We're focused on a high-quality, personalized experience that consumers will go to constantly for their fashion and shopping fix."

Using machine learning algorithms the app adapts to the unique preferences and tastes of each user over time, ultimately showing them content specifically chosen to suit their style. Submitting content to Stylekick is as easy as uploading an outfit, which is immediately viewable by all of a given user's followers. Stylekick controls for the quality on its public feed by selectively approving only the highest quality images. The app also makes it incredibly simple to touch up images with easy to use photo editing and filtering tools.

To download the app please visit the Apple App Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stylekick-fashion-inspiration/id703129064?mt=8.