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Tips on preparing to work remotely in the time of Coronavirus

Milwaukee, WI, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More Americans than ever work remotely today and that is likely to increase with Coronavirus making its way across the US. Preparing for this workplace shift can reduce stress since office environments play a key role in employee happiness, according to a study from Kelton Global and National Business Furniture (NBF). 

Nearly all employed Americans (92 percent) surveyed said a subpar workspace would impact their productivity and mental health. Here are some tips to help office workers make a smooth transition to temporary remote work situations. 

ADD TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS – In an office setting, it’s easy to rely on a normal schedule of tasks and meetings, but employees working remotely can suddenly feel disconnected from their team which may impact project timelines and deadlines. Create a daily task list to monitor projects and check off to-dos throughout the day. Set regular office hours and use a timer to efficiently track your productivity. Decide ahead of time how many breaks you will fit into the day, so you start developing a new routine. 

CREATE WORKSPACE STRUCTURE – Carve out a dedicated workspace that brings consistency and quiet. Consider including a second set of monitors, an ergonomic chair and a quality desk that turns the phrase home-away-from-home into office-away-from-the-office. Distractions are a major challenge of remote work so keep home out of your workspace with noise cancelling headphones. 

UP YOUR TECHNOLOGY GAME – Having to use outdated technology is a top driver (61 percent) of discontentment, according to the Kelton study. Work with your employer to ensure you have everything you need to do your job remotely. Beyond a solid laptop, mobile apps can act as powerhouse productivity tools, such as Evernote or Trello for creating shareable lists. Incorporate tools like SharePoint, Microsoft Linc, and GoTo Meeting which enable teams to work cooperatively no matter how far apart they are. When connection to multiple devices is key, consider streamlining with a USB hub which provides additional ports. 

COMMUNICATE LIKE A BOSS – Colleagues who are all in the same remote boat should consider a joint online communication system, like BaseCamp or Asana, to monitor project progress in real time and keep everyone in the loop.  

When working from a distance, recreating a conference room setting is easier when using video conference and VOIP technology. This gives team members a chance to brainstorm or problem-solve face-to-face and enables relationship-building despite the distance. Instant messaging is another effective way to get quick answers to questions or one-off requests. 

For more resources on working remotely, visit www.nbf.com/work-from-home-solutions.


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