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Subsisting on Soylent: Government Shutdown Reveals Ugly Truth about America’s Savings Crisis

David Hundeyin
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By CCN.com: Four weeks into the longest U.S. government shutdown in history, a hidden fact of the American working and middle-class reality has been revealed, with the news that thousands of furloughed federal workers are unable to meet their basic needs after missing as little as one paycheck. The implication of the available demographic data on savings is that if another recession hits - as some analysts are predicting - more than half of the country's population is at real risk of suffering physical deprivation.

Government Shutdown Has Federal Workers Turning to Welfare & Food Banks


Earlier, CCN reported that GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon and author Deepak Chopra jointly launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist affected federal workers with necessities like food and diapers.

There have also been numerous horror stories flying around about how unpaid federal workers are suffering due to the disruption in income. In one particularly striking anecdote, two married government workers revealed that they are currently living on a diet of Soylent, so as to be able to afford to feed their 6 month-old child while the shutdown drags on.

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