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Kuvera hires passionate Entrepreneur Roger Ulmer as VP of Field Operations

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2018 / Investview Corporation (INVU) wholly owned subsidiary, Kuvera LLC, announces Roger Ulmer as Vice President of Field Operations responsible for distribution development and expansion.

Roger Ulmer is a sales professional with over twenty years' experience as a consultant, leader and visionary. His extensive experience includes:

  • Consulting numerous companies at the ground floor level including Active Life, Prepaid Legal, New Vision, ASEA, Max International, WLG, and Vision Quest International to name a few.
  • Direct marketing expertise including conception to launch planning, bonus plan development and implementation, marketing plans, training systems, team building, product development, organization launch and pre-launch structure and management, conventions, seminars, set and stage design and recognition to goal systems.
  • Business Consultant providing critical corporate development initiatives for Google, Yahoo, eBay, RIM/Blackberry, and NASA.
  • Throughout his career, Roger has leveraged his earnings from direct marketing by managing his own investments. He has traded Forex, cryptocurrency, along with a variety of public and private investments.
  • Roger is a multi-million-dollar earner as a result of his direct marketing skills, business acumen, and investment objectives which enabled him to establish multiple streams of income.

Roger is a passionate, driven professional who attributes his success to his core values and upbringing. He finds his true success in helping others achieve their dreams. He views his career as being in direct alignment to his calling which is a driving passion to improve the life of others.

"Roger Ulmer is a significant addition to the Kuvera team and brings the track record, knowledge, and desire to expand Kuvera worldwide," said Chad Garner, President.

Natalyn Lewis, Vice President Worldwide Sales added, "Roger is a force in the sales world that I have had the pleasure to partner with in a variety of projects. I believe he will enable us to build larger, expand quicker, and retain customers in order to achieve the success they desire."

Roger has instilled his knowledge and passion in his children. Using Kuvera products he was able to show his son how to grow an investment of $300 into thousands within a year. This changed his son's attitude about money and sparked a moment of clarity where he saw firsthand what his financial future could be. Roger wants to see thousands of people all over the world experience this "moment" so that they know their dreams CAN become reality.

When asked, why he selected Kuvera, Roger answered, "I have been blessed with the ability to have created multiple streams of income and was not in search of a company, project or executive position. However, when seeing the Kuvera platform and understanding the desire of the executive management team to truly change lives around the world, I could not ignore the call. I have a passion to improve lives worldwide and Kuvera is a vehicle that will enable me to share my life's experience for the benefit of others on a grand scale. This is an alignment that I could not ignore."

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