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Summary Box: Oil boom alters Montana town

The Associated Press

MONEY COMES TO TOWN: Sleepy little towns in Montana are seeing a huge influx of money, and workers, with the massive Bakken oil field running under the state and into North Dakota. The influx is changing life for families who have lived here for generations, sometimes irreparably.

TRAGEDY FOR A FAMILY: In early January, prosecutors say 43-year-old teacher Sherry Arnold was snatched along a "truck route". Two outsiders who came to Sydney, Mont. for work are suspects in her death. One may has said the other choked her to death before the two buried her in a field.

COST OF BOOM TIMES: Sidney's police chief says he needs up to seven more officers. The same is happening on a broader scale. The Williams County sheriff said that calls to his department have risen sharply and he has doubled his patrol deputies. Concealed weapon permit applications in the county soared from 156 in 2010 to 550 last year. Arnold's disappearance has further accelerated the trend, with 126 new applications coming in January alone.