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Summer Travel Comes with Phishing Caveat

Tours.com’s Travel-Intel looks at the rise of phishing scams in the U.S. and how air travelers and summer vacationers are coping with it.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scam alerts are not new when it comes to cautionary tales told to travelers young and old. However, the way these fraudulent pests present themselves is getting ever more sophisticated and harder to discern, even for savvy travelers accustomed to booking all their travel on the Internet. 

A new survey by Domain Tools, polled more than 1,000+ U.S. based consumers to catch a correlation between an uptick in travel-related scams during the summer months and the general lack of awareness around phishing maintained by those who frequently book travel online. 

The story in this month’s Travel-Intel details the surprising findings as one of several hard-hitting pieces on travel.  Sent to 120,000 travel agents and subscribers in North America through Tours.com.

According to Splitit Payments Ltd.,  global payment solution, consumers want to pay for travel expenses in interest-free monthly installments and, if given the option to do so, would make travel purchases farther in advance and spend more on upgrades, food and entertainment. Younger consumers are highly debt-conscious and prefer paying for travel expenses in cash more so than any other age group.

Splitit’s report found that while 54% of respondents plan to travel and a third of individuals expect to spend more than $500 on flights and lodging, financial anxieties pose a major obstacle to consumers’ dream vacations. Travel merchants will struggle to generate more revenue unless their offerings reflect travelers’ personal finance priorities.

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Lark Gould, editor of Travel-Intel,  has been covering the travel industry for more than 30 years. Her incisive perspective into the publication, that can be viewed on Tours.com. Gould syndicates a Travel2020 column and edits news and destination stories in Business Traveler USA

Contact: Maria Polk