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Sunday Drive: A tale of old favorites and upcoming challengers

Jeremy Korzeniewski

Sedans and

crossovers dominated the attention of our readers last week, led by the completely redesigned 2018

Honda Accord. It's the Japanese automaker's flagship, and people are seriously interested in finding out how good the latest

Accord is. So interested, in fact, that no other single story came close to the brand-new Accord in Autoblog reader interest.

Moving down the list we find the equally new

2018 Buick Enclave. The three-row crossover has a lot to offer a family, especially one looking for a nice, quiet ride. If you're looking for the exact opposite of nice and quiet, but still want enough room for you and your significant others, the

Subaru WRX that we tested last week may be the perfect ride for you. Or, if you just want to drive fast and aren't at all worried about space, there's the

Camaro SS. See? We offer something for everybody.

From there, we look to the future. Who isn't interested in seeing the first fully

electric vehicle from

Porsche? And who isn't intrigued to see the Mission E testing alongside a gaggle of

Teslas? A brand-new

Jeep is always a big deal, especially when it's the revival of a classic nameplate like the Grand Wagoneer. And finally, we have something completely different: the Rezvani Tank.

As always, tune in to Autoblog next week for a front-row seat to all the happenings worth following in the automotive industry.

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