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Sunstock, Inc. Business Update (Stock Ticker Symbol SSOK)

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 14, 2017) - Sunstock, Inc. (the "Company" or "Sunstock") ( OTCBB : SSOK ) On March 8, 2017, Sunstock, Inc. (Company) launched its No-Frills Rehabilitation Housing Division.

Sunstock is in the final stage of negotiating the acquisition of a hotel in California. After purchasing the hotel, Sunstock plans to convert the hotel to a no-frills rehabilitation housing facility that will provide a clean, safe room and transportation to clients enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program. Sunstock hired a management team to oversee the hotel conversion to a no-frills rehabilitation housing facility.

Sunstock's research has discovered a high demand for these types of rehabilitation housing facilities in California. After the transfer of the hotel ownership and the conversion to a no-frills rehabilitation housing facility, Sunstock forecasts this project will generate over $10,000,000 in gross revenue in the first 18 months. Sunstock believes that this revenue prediction is sustainable and will prove to be a successful pilot project and springboard to future growth.

Sunstock's business strategy combines income producing real estate properties with investments in precious metals. The management team with over 20 years of hospitality industry experience has identified a distinct need for clean, safe and affordable rehabilitation housing facilities. Management has developed a plan to implement a strategy to bring no-frills rehabilitation housing facilities to the California market and eventually expand nationally.

Sunstock has acquired over 35,000 ounces of silver and a small amount of gold. Sunstock believes silver is currently undervalued, and it is a strategic time to purchase more silver. Sunstock plans to acquire an additional 90,000 ounces of silver over the next six months. Upon completion of the planned silver acquisition, the Company would hold a total inventory of over 125,000 ounces of silver. Sunstock intends to finance the planned additional acquisition of 90,000 ounces of silver from equity sales of the Company's securities. Currently, the Company anticipates holding its precious metals as a long term investment. 

Sunstock has concluded that stimulative monetary policies adopted by the United States, European Union, China, and Japan have set the stage that may cause inflation to rise and increase the value of precious metals. Japan, Sweden and Switzerland have implemented policies to impose negative interest rates in their retail banking systems to persuade their citizens to increase consumer spending.

Currently, Sunstock independently owns and operates a deep discount retail store (dollar store) in Sacramento, California.

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