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The new super fruit juice to hit America's shore

LOS ANGELES, May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bali Juice, a Californian based company, is bringing the rare super fruit 'Mangosteen' as a pure juice to the United States.  Mangosteen is a sweet and exotic tasting fruit that comes from South East Asia.

Mangosteen trees can take up to 15 years to grow and sometimes bear fruit every two years. Bali Juice has three unique flavors which consist of one hundred percent Pure Mangosteen; a mix of Pure Mangosteen with Pure Pomegranate; and Pure Mangosteen with a mix of Pure Green Tea.

Mangosteen has been consumed for centuries and used typically for the belief in the health and healing benefits. Over the past decade, it has been sold in the US as a health supplement for up to $40 a bottle.

Bali's products are to be enjoyed by those of all ages as they offer a delicious and easy to drink product that comes in a glass bottle and sold at an affordable price. Bali juice is free from preservatives, Gluten Free + Vegan friendly.

For more information visit http://bali-juice.com/.

Bali was founded by Edward Farley after growing up feeding mangosteen fruit to Western Lowland Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon. He still has a passion for wildlife conservation and Bali will continue to support programs that reintroduce gorillas into the wild.  Bali strives to create products that are as pure as they are potent, and are the first to bring mangosteen into the US. For more information, visit http://bali-juice.com/.

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