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Super Hi-Fi Secures Technology & IP Patent to Enhance $20 Billion Digital Music Industry

The AI-powered platform delivers over 250 million audio transitions per month to digital audio experience providers

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Super Hi-Fi, the AI-powered audio curation platform that creates engaging digital music listening experiences, announced today that it has been granted a broad and critical patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its MagicStitch product.  In an industry first, the patent covers the intelligent stitching of music and other audio content to create a dynamic audio experience across a myriad of listening platforms.  The company also announced that its platform is now delivering more than 250 million audio transitions per month.

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Super Hi-Fi leverages advanced AI technology to source, produce, manage, deliver and stitch any type of audio content to scale in real-time. Its patented technology, MagicStitch, automatically combs through trillions of unique audio characteristics and intelligently stitches songs and audio-based content together, eliminating the dead silence typically heard on standard music services. MagicStitch enables listeners to hear music, audio news, weather, artist/music information, audio ads, or other relevant programming in a precisely stitched flow resulting in a seamless listening experience. 

"Music services today are challenged to create a differentiated and compelling experience for their listeners," said Zack Zalon, co-founder and chief executive officer, Super Hi-Fi. "The existing lack of original content, combined with noticeably jarring differences in audio levels and distracting transitions, results in a subpar experience for millions of listeners. It's critical for streaming services to sonically distinguish themselves in order to remain viable."

Super Hi-Fi's platform empowers digital music providers to offer their customers a personalized, sonic experience that will drive engagement and enduring loyalty. Since launch, Super Hi-Fi's MagicStitch has powered billions of transitions between songs and audio content across the company's music and content partners, including powerhouse brands Universal Music Group, iHeartMedia, Peloton and Associated Press.  Production that takes a human DJ an hour in the studio takes MagicStitch microseconds to patch together.

While MagicStitch fundamentally transforms the front-end listener experience, Super Hi-Fi is also expanding its back-end solutions to encompass full stack, interstitial-audio content management and delivery. The new product developments will provide the company's music service partners access to intuitive, graphical tools to source, produce, tag, schedule, and deliver content in-between songs for virtually any type of programming requirement. These new tools can be fully customized to meet the objectives of any digital music experience and content providers and will be rolled out to partners over the next few months.  

For more information about Super Hi-Fi's IP and technology, please visit http://superhifi.com/.

About Super Hi-Fi

Super Hi-Fi uses artificial intelligence to improve the digital listening experience. Super Hi-Fi transforms gaps between songs into relevant and personalized content. The company's patented technology is capable of understanding the infinite nuances within music with the expertise of a human DJ to improve transitions between content and create better extensions of digital brands. The result is perfectly transitioned streams of music, podcasts, interviews, news, weather, advertisements, and other audio content. Based in Los Angeles, California, Super Hi-Fi is integrated by digital brands like Universal Music Group, Associated Press, Peloton, and iHeartRadio.

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