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Superbia Services Inc. Announces The Launch Of Superbia.org

·5 min read


NEW YORK, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Superbia Services Inc., the development organization delivering non-discriminatory treatment of LGBTQ persons in financial and other fundamental services, announces the launch of Superbia.org, the member organization and single point of access to all Superbia products and services as they are brought to market. Superbia.org is where one becomes a part of the new era, joining the mission that drives LGBTQ equality forward. Heralding this change to advancing LGBTQ equality and igniting a social media campaign in #PrideNeverStops is Alan Cumming, the Honorary Board Chair for Superbia. Alan and Superbia will honor individuals who advocate for and champion the LGBTQ equality movement, and those who embody the "Spirit of Superbia". The social media campaign and Superbia.org both launch today, July 1, 2020.

The Superbia mission is to accelerate the economic and social equality of the LGBTQ community and to eradicate the discrimination members of the LGBTQ community encounter in banking, life insurance, health insurance and money management. Superbia will provide these services to the community in an affirming and welcoming engagement.

"The Superbia efforts to unify the community like never before began three years ago, and we have worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork for a next era in accelerating both economic and social equality for the LGBTQ community," shared Myles Meyers, Founder and CEO of Superbia Services.

"The launch of Superbia.org is a major milestone on the journey to reaching true equality. Superbia.org is inclusive of all our allies and supporters, and exists solely to benefit the LGBTQ community as a whole by fully unifying the voice, the social good works and now for the first time ever, the power of money. Superbia.org will be the first to offer the community the products and services that truly consider our needs, by building our community's financial security and freedoms, while giving back to the community to advance our social equality. Uniting the LGBTQ community, and allies, in voice, social and money is the trifecta of strength and the basis in which a new era of our equality is launched."

Award-winning actor, humanitarian, and social activist Alan Cumming, who serves as Honorary Board Chair for Superbia, leads the social campaign.

"We are honoured and proud to have Alan Cumming lead our message that Pride Never Stops," added Meyers. "This is significant for so many reasons. The Pride movement began more than 50 years ago, and the march has continued ever since. The LGBTQ community has a history of coming together to affect change, the courage and strength of those from our past allow us to build for the future. Pride month is a significant time for the community, and as it comes to a close it is important to remind everyone that #PrideNeverStops and that Superbia.org continues our fight for equality every day."

Cumming will initiate the campaign by posting tributes that celebrate a person he admires as a trailblazer in and advocate for the community. Mission supporters are encouraged to join in the campaign by posting their own tributes to individuals and organizations whose actions and achievements on behalf of the LGBTQ community inspire them and who themselves embody the spirit of Superbia.

"I am constantly inspired by my friends in the community, individuals who use their stories and voices to shine a light on the discrimination we continue to face," shared Superbia Honorary Board Chair Alan Cumming. "The fight for equality has never been more pressing or pertinent. That is why Superbia is so important and why I am delighted to be part of the effort for real systemic change. My goal is to honor those who work on behalf of the community and to inspire all to keep the Pride celebration going, every single day. The Spirit of Superbia is about true equality, which only comes when we have the freedom of universal acceptance, the autonomy to make our own choices, and the possibility to live our own dreams. Superbia.org is the first next step."

Upon its unveiling, Superbia.org will grow quickly to become the point of access for all Superbia products as they are brought to market, including banking services that will be made available through Superbia Credit Union. Superbia Credit Union was formed under its historic charter last September and since then the Superbia team has conducted a very focused effort to build its operations and achieve final approval to operate and open its virtual doors late this Fall.

Additional products and services in banking, life and health insurance and money management are planned for release through Superbia.org over the next few years.

"Superbia.org is where our community's hope for change is being converted by the community into action for change, and by preparing for the delivery of products and services to be launched in the coming months and years," added Meyers. "Superbia products and services are only made available to those that become members under the shared values of diversity and inclusion and that support our mission of accelerating true LGBTQ equality. The freedom to choose for yourself as you would choose for yourself."

To learn more and become part of the new era for equality please visit www.superbia.org.

Keep up with Superbia Services Inc. via Facebook: @SuperbiaServices, Instagram: @SuperbiaServices, and Twitter: @Pride_Superbia.


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