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Surfline, Red Bull and Heavy Water Surf Join Forces to Document and Recognize Big-Wave Surfers in "Twenty Foot Plus"

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Twenty Foot Plus is an innovative live surf series that will chronicle the greatest feats of the 2022 and 2023 big-wave season, as recognized by the surfers themselves

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Surfline\Wavetrak Inc., Red Bull, and newly formed big wave surfer association, Heavy Water Surf LLC, have joined forces to create Twenty Foot Plusa year-long surf series that will chronicle the world's best big-wave surfers riding the heaviest waves on Earth.

Surfline, Red Bull and Heavy Water Surf Join Forces to
Document and Recognize Big-Wave Surfers in “Twenty
Foot Plus”
Surfline, Red Bull and Heavy Water Surf Join Forces to Document and Recognize Big-Wave Surfers in “Twenty Foot Plus”

The series, which will live on Surfline.com, will follow Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Maya Gabeira, Albee Layer and many more as they tackle huge waves at some of the heaviest and most remote locations across the planet. On the absolute best days, Surfline will present the action live. With multiple cameras on the water and in the air, viewers can, in real-time, watch the greatest, potentially historic, wave riding feats of the year.

"Big-wave surfing has always played a special role in surf culture, and Twenty Foot Plus will help give it the attention and respect it deserves," said Kyle Laughlin, CEO of Surfline\Wavetrak. "This series is without precedent and designed to recognize and champion the big-wave community in an all-new, engaging format."

Following Surfline's live broadcast, Red Bull Surfing will take viewers behind the scenes with an in-depth recap of the hardest hitting moments and the heaviest rides of each swell. All of that and more will be available to dive into across Red Bull TV.

As the official forecast partner and media platform for Twenty Foot Plus, Surfline will identify and chart the biggest swells of the year and advise Heavy Water Surf on pending swell events.

"Our members formed Heavy Water Surf to raise the prominence and visibility of big-wave surfing, and this partnership is a critical milestone in the evolution of the sport," said Jamie Mitchell. "Surfline forecasts have been at the center of big-wave surfing for decades, helping it become what it is today. Pairing the world's best heavy-water surfers with Surfline and Red Bull to tell our stories to a global audience will be transformative for the big-wave community."

To stay up to date on the first airing of Twenty Foot Plus, visit: https://www.surfline.com/twentyfootplus

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