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Surna Launches SentryIQ™ Sensors, Controls and Automation Platform

Solves two major industry problems with a single, fully integrated technological solution

Boulder, Colorado, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Surna Inc. (SRNA) announces the launch of SentryIQ, its new sensors, controls and automation platform that will help its customers achieve the precision environmental control, energy management, and advanced automation required by cannabis growers. A formal product introduction will be made today at the Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas.

“As the industry continues to evolve and energy efficiency and precise environmental control gain importance, it became obvious that the existing controls systems in the marketplace were limiting our ability to reach the full potential of the systems we design. To meet cultivator performance demands, Surna has developed its own climate control platform featuring proprietary controls sequences developed with the predictive algorithms essential to optimum climate control, including direct temperature and humidity control as well as CO2 monitoring,” said Troy Rippe, Surna’s Director of Engineering and R&D.

The introduction of the SentryIQ™ product line solves two major problems for cannabis growers:

  1. Cultivators can now source both their heating, ventilation and air conditioning products and their sensors, controls and automation technology from Surna, as a single vendor offering a turnkey solution.
  2. In addition to agricultural considerations, critical energy conservation needs are also addressed in a single, fully integrated technological solution.

Surna can now budget and quote its sensors, controls and automation (SCA) systems to existing or prospective customers. We also have a demonstration center in our Boulder offices which provides a real-time operational experience.

Our launch of the SentryIQ™ product line marks the completion of several milestones as part of our recently announced strategy and “Product/Service Depth and Facility Lifecycle Matrix.” Going forward, we plan to develop and sell an expanded offering of products and services to meet a wider range of cultivators’ environmental control needs over the full lifecycle of their facility. We will now be offering products and services across all four phases of the facility lifecycle, as compared to the past where we only addressed two of the facility stages. The four stages are what we define as the “full lifecycle” of a facility: (1) Pre-build, (2) Construction, (3) Startup, and (4) Operation.

If you want to learn more about our new SCA platform and facility lifecycle strategy, please visit us at our booth at the Cannabis Conference.

About Surna

Surna Inc. (www.surna.com) designs, engineers and manufactures application-specific environmental control and air sanitation systems for commercial, state- and provincial-regulated indoor cannabis cultivation facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Our engineering and technical team provides energy and water efficient solutions that allow growers to meet the unique demands of a cannabis cultivation environment through precise temperature, humidity, light, and process controls and to satisfy the evolving code and regulatory requirements being imposed at the state, provincial and local level.

Jamie English
Director of Marketing