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Surna's Indoor Cultivation Expert Brandy Keen Presenting Energy and Water Conservation Solutions at Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles

Solutions will highlight cannabis industry's environmental impact and introduce best practices to reduce energy cost and water consumption while increasing crop yield

BOULDER, Colorado, September 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Surna Inc. ("Surna" or the "Company") (SRNA) announced today Brandy Keen, Surna Sr. Technical Advisor and Co-founder, will be speaking on the topic of cannabis energy and water conservation solutions at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBExpo) in Los Angeles Sept. 13-15.

Keen brings more than 10 years of expertise specializing in equipment that creates a sustainable, efficient and healthy indoor grow to the CWCBExpo stage and will educate attendees on best practices to reduce energy cost while increasing crop yield.

"Indoor cultivation is undeniably the future of the cannabis industry and growers need to be educated on best practices to avoid high energy bills and reduce their environmental footprint," Keen said. "Southern California, for example, has battled drought conditions for years and water resources are precious; it's important that cultivators understand how to yield a healthy crop while still being water and energy efficient. When optimized correctly, indoor grows do not require excessive amounts of water like outdoor grows."

A single two-pound marijuana plant in California consumes an average of 480 gallons of water in an outdoor grow. And as for energy usage, indoor cannabis grows in the U.S. account for $6 billion dollars in energy costs annually. Marijuana cultivation is one of the most energy-intensive of the major industries in the United States. It consumes six-times as much energy as the pharmaceuticals industry and requires eight-times as much energy per square foot as the average U.S. commercial building.

Keen will talk through six key ways to conserve energy during her presentation at 11:00 a.m., September 14th in Room 501AB.

"Individuals entering the cannabis industry anticipate a very profitable investment but oftentimes don't understand the overwhelming cost of starting and maintaining an indoor grow." Surna CEO Chris Bechtel said. "Energy and water conservation solutions are very important to our industry and the communities where grows are operated. Every indoor grow-no matter if they are already producing crop or still in the design phase-will benefit from these best practices and will see an immediate return on investment when they are implemented."

For more information on Surna, please see http://www.surna.com.

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