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Surprise! You won’t be able to email Larry Page through his Google+ page

Brad Reed
Mozilla just showed Apple how to hurt Google where it matters most

Google’s most recent tactic for pushing Google+ on its user base has drawn plenty of criticism and apparently even Google realizes how potentially annoying it could be for users who get lots of unwanted emails from strangers. The Verge notices that “high-profile” Google+ users have their default Gmail settings set to block any emails that are sent through their Google+ profiles. This is different from the default Gmail settings for the majority of users that allow anyone who views your Google+ profile to send a message to your Gmail account even if you’ve never met them before. The list of “high-profile” users presumably includes Google CEO Larry Page, who has more than 4 million followers in his circles.

“While these Google+ emails are opt-out for most, Google does seem concerned with respecting the privacy of a small subset of its users,” The Verge comments. “It’s a baffling decision — there’s little doubt high-profile users are more likely targets to receive unwanted messages, but the very fact that Google decided to make some accounts more private is a tacit admission that its new ‘feature’ is rife with the potential for abuse.”

If you’re concerned about Google+ stalkers emailing you, be sure to check out BGR’s handy guide for opting out of the new Gmail settings.

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