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The Surprising Bills Manilla Can Help You Manage

Holly Mascaro


When thinking of a paperless account management service like Manilla, most people assume (correctly) that it will manage various bank, utility, and credit card accounts. What you may not know is that Manilla supports a plethora of other account types, allowing you to truly manage everything in one place. Some especially useful accounts include:


Not only can you monitor your Netflix account on Manilla, but you can also view the next five titles in both your DVD and Play Instant queues. Stay aware of which plan you use while tracking both past and upcoming payments.


Once you’ve linked your OpenTable account, all of your upcoming reservations are automatically listed on Manilla. Plus, you can easily keep track of how many dining rewards points you’ve racked up (ensuring that you actually use them).


No more time wasted on call-waiting with infamously hard-to-reach insurance companies. Now, you can digitally receive and save claims while also monitoring the status of both your in- and out-of-network deductibles.

Travel Rewards

Easily oversee your travel rewards points for hotel or airline networks, establishing yourself as a valued customer while simultaneously making the most of your money. With a single glance at Manilla, you can ensure that not a point goes forgotten.

Daily Deals

Engage with daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial while tracking your accounts via Manilla to ensure you don’t get trigger-happy and overspend or let your awesome deals expire because you’ve forgotten about them.

Magazine Subscriptions

Who wants to miss out on their favorite articles in Esquire or Cosmo? Whether you engage digitally with your magazines or stick to print, Manilla can help you keep track of your magazines by reminding you about your subscriptions’ expiration dates and notifying you when it’s time to renew.

Custom Accounts

If you’d like to manage accounts that you don’t see explicitly listed on Manilla, have no fear: You can simply create a custom account suited to your needs and reap the benefits of truly being able to manage everything in one place.

And now, with Manilla’s Bill Share, you can securely collaborate on managing your bills and accounts with your friends and family. Now you can invite a spouse, child, roommate, parent, accountant and more to manage expenses together with shared account summaries and details. Bill Share also provides a conversation platform to comment on or discuss a bill or account.

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