Survey Says Gen Z Workforce Is Toxic, 'Least Reliable' — And That's Just The Start

Gen Z gets a bad rap in the workplace — or do they?

Many employers have concluded that the Gen Z workforce is toxic and the "least reliable" among all generations. And those are a couple of the nicer things employers had to say in a new Freedom Economy Index report conducted by PublicSquare and RedBalloon.

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In the survey, 68% of small-business owners said Gen Zers were the “least reliable” among all employees. Adding to this, they responded that 71% of these workers were most likely to have a workplace mental health concern.

If that doesn't hit hard enough, take a look at the following:

  • Less than 4% of employers surveyed said Gen Z was the generation that most aligns with their culture.

  • 62% said that this generation was most likely to create toxicity and division at work.

Those are some seriously alarming numbers that can have consequences, such as employers shying away from hiring Gen Zers.

One of the employers bluntly stated that Gen Z's “absolute delusion, complete lack of common sense and zero critical reasoning or basic analytical skills" can negatively affect the workplace.

Is This Accurate?

The problem with surveys like these is that they target employers who may be jaded for one reason or another. Maybe they've had a bad experience with a Gen Zer and assume that all members of this generation are toxic. Or perhaps there's an issue within the company itself, such as older employees disrespecting Gen Zers.

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"Since the study reflects the feelings of small business owners, it could be skewed. These types of businesses often do not pay well or offer a high-quality company culture and Gen Z tends to look for those in any type of role or career they take on," human resources consultant Dan Space, who runs, told Newsweek.

The narrative also overlooks a vital perspective — that of the Gen Z employees.

Many Gen Z workers argue they are merely seeking environments that prioritize mental health, inclusivity and work-life balance. These preferences are often misinterpreted as entitlement or laziness by previous generations.

The sweeping generalizations made in this report, among others, risk exacerbating generational divides and reinforcing stereotypes rather than fostering understanding.

The truth probably lies somewhere between the results of this study and the opinion of Gen Zers that their generation is the best generation.

If you're part of Gen Z and have a job that pays well and provides a safe, inclusive environment, don't take risks with your finances. Instead, consult with a financial adviser to ensure that you're making all the right decisions.

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