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Swedish neo-Nazis held in refugee centre attack: official

The neo-nazi Nordic Resistance Movement sympathisers demonstrate in central Stockholm on November 12, 2016 to protest against migrants (AFP Photo/JONATHAN NACKSTRAND)

Stockholm (AFP) - Three suspected neo-Nazis have been arrested in Sweden after a home-made bomb attack on an asylum-seeker centre last month left one person seriously injured, security services said Thursday.

The three suspects "are or were in the past members of the Nordic Resistance Movement", a neo-Nazi group, said Mats Ljungqvist of the anti-terror prosecutor's office.

An enquiry is underway into the blast outside the centre in the southwestern city of Gothenburg on January 5. It left an immigration office staff member seriously injured with wounds to his legs.

One of the suspects in the bombing was taken into custody earlier this month. The two other arrests were made on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Swedish intelligence service Sapo said in a statement that the attack, which has been linked to two others in Gothenburg in recent months, appears to have a political motive.

The first incident took place on November 11 when a bomb went off outside the Syndikaliskt Forum Kafe, a well-known far-left haunt. No one was injured in that blast.

Then an explosive device was found January 25 at a campground which was temporarily housing migrants. It failed to detonate.

All three explosive devices were "placed in public areas" and there are other elements which suggest that they are linked, said Ljungqvist.