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Swift Transportation Employee Receives Patriot Award from Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve (ESGR)


Army Veteran Awarded for Supporting Deployed Employee

Swift Transportation Co., LLC (“Swift” or “Swift Transportation”), a subsidiary of Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. (KNX) announces Driver Leader, Travis Montoure, is the proud recipient of the Patriot Award from the Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve (ESGR). Travis is an Army Veteran who was nominated by one of his Drivers, Matthew, who is currently deployed with the Army.

The Patriot Award reflects the efforts made to support citizen warriors through a wide-range of measures including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence if needed. LeRoy Frahm, Wisconsin ESGR Volunteer said, “Matthew, who like the citizen soldiers before them, have answered their nation’s call to serve. Supportive supervisors like Travis are critical to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation’s Guard and Reserve units. Nearly half of our nation’s defense is in the National Guard and Reserves today.”

Swift has a long history of offering programs to support veterans and those who are currently serving in the armed forces. “Travis is a great representation of our Swift culture where we create a welcoming and supportive environment for service men and women and their families. We are proud of his efforts and the support he has given to Matthew. We are especially appreciative of Matthew and his family and all those who serve,” said Kevin Quast, Swift Chief Operating Officer.

About Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation, a subsidiary of Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc., originated and is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and operates a tractor fleet of approximately 15,000 units driven by company and owner-operator drivers. The company operates more than 40 major terminals positioned near major freight centers and traffic lanes in the United States and Mexico. Swift offers customers the opportunity for “one-stop shopping” for their truckload transportation needs through a broad spectrum of services and equipment. Swift’s extensive suite of services includes general, dedicated and cross-border U.S./Mexico/Canada service, temperature-controlled, flatbed and specialized trailers, in addition to rail intermodal and non-asset based freight brokerage and logistics management services, making it an attractive choice for a broad array of customers.

About ESGR

ESGR seeks to foster a culture where all employers support and value the employment and military service of National Guard and Reserve members. ESGR promotes a cooperative culture of employer support for National Guard and Reserve services by developing mutually beneficial initiatives, recognizing outstanding employer support, increasing awareness of applicable laws and policies, resolving potential conflicts between employers and their service members, and acting as employers’ principal advocate within the Department of Defense.

For more information about ESGR, its outreach programs or volunteer opportunities, call 800-336-4590 or visit www.ESGR.mil.

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