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Sword Group - Confirmation of the Performance Announced on January 27

SwordGroup_FY2019 Results FV

Sword Group - Confirmation of the Performance Announced on January 27

2019: Strong Performance

- Organic Growth +20%

- Ebitda Margin Above 13%

2020 Objectifs: Organic Growth of 12% and Ebitda Margin of 13%*

  * not including the impact of Coronavirus

FY2019 Consolidated Revenue: €213.2 m
FY2019 Organic Growth: +20.7%


2019 was stable within its perimeter with only one small acquisition, at the end of the year (November), so with no significant impact on the figures.

The company outperformed in terms of organic growth in relation to its initial budget, +20.7% compared with a budget of +12%.

It is important to note that in 2019, 100% of the Group’s entities outperformed in relation to their budget.

With a strong net cash position (€70.8 million, not including the impact of IFRS 16), the Group has the wherewithal to pursue its dividend policy, to envisage strong organic  growth, to fund new initiatives and to make acquisitions, if the market allows.


YEAR (1)
€m 2019 (2) (3) 2018 Growth
Revenue 213.2 171.4 +24.4%
EBITDA 28.6 20.1 +42.1%
EBITDA Margin 13.4% 11.8% -

(1) Percentages calculated based on the figures in €K
(2) Taking into account the impact of IFRS 16

(3) Non audited figures


Since January 2020, a Coronavirus epidemic, COVID-19 has spread from China. For the moment, it is too soon to measure the impact of this phenomenon.
A detailed study of the contracts is underway and precise information will be published in the forthcoming weeks.

The Group is committed to communicating to the market as the situation evolves.


Without the Coronavirus crisis, Sword Group planned organic growth of 12% combined with an EBITDA margin of 13%+.

The Group will refine its forecasts from one month to the next so as to take into account the exogenous factors.

FY2019 Results presentation meeting, 10:00 am by Webcast

Publication of
Q1 2020 Results

2019 Annual Shareholders Meeting


Dividend proposed to the General Meeting €1.8 per share

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