Sword Group: H2 2022 Report of the Liquidity Agreement

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Sword Group
Sword Group

Liquidity Contract

Windhof - March, 28 2023

Sword Group - H2 Report of the Liquidity Agreement contracted with ODDO BHF from 01/07/2022 au 31/12/2022

Under the liquidity contract awarded by Sword Group to ODDO BHF, as of 31/12/2022, the following resources appeared on the account of liquidity:



- Number of transactions executed during the semester at purchase: 654

- Number of transactions executed during the semester on sale: 797

- Volume exchanged over the semester upon purchase: 35,780 shares for an amount of €1,014,529

- Volume exchanged over the semester for sale: 29,405 shares for an amount of €1,170 349

As a reminder, during the last balance sheet of 30/06/2022, the following resources appeared in the liquidity account:



The implementation of the liquidity contract is carried out in accordance with AMF Decision No. 2018-01 dated July 2, 2018, establishing liquidity contracts on equity securities as accepted market practice.

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