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Symbolab Surpasses 100 Million Users: The New Gold Standard in Math Education

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Symbolab, a global EdTech leader, has reached over 100 million users worldwide with its groundbreaking AI-driven math education platform.

Developed with proprietary machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms, the Tel Aviv-based startup is the universal go-to math tool for solving any math problem with comprehensive steps and adaptive learning capabilities. Its unique calculator incorporates the full range of computation tools to provide an unprecedented solution for a new generation of students.

Symbolab's complex analysis of big data provides each user with a customized learning experience tailored to their specific needs. Coupled with its algorithm-powered math solving proficiency, Symbolab has become an indispensable tool for math students from elementary school through advanced university studies.

"Symbolab is dominating the EdTech market because it simply works," says Symbolab Co-Founder and CEO Michal Avny. "It is the students themselves who are embracing our site, not because they are impressed with our expertise in AI, but because it helps them learn math."

An intuitive keypad and sophisticated OCR allow users to type in or scan any math problem to generate immediate answers with detailed explanations. Its ease of use, adaptive learning capabilities and instant functionality have led to rapid adaptation by math students on a transformative scale.

"The education industry is ripe for disruption and Symbolab is at the forefront," says Avny. "We're witnessing a power shift from teachers to learners, who adapt faster to change. With so much data, Symbolab understands how the new generation learns as is clear from the millions of users on our platform. We are becoming the new gold standard for how students learn math."

About Symbolab:

Symbolab (Eqsquest Ltd) is a global leader in education technology with over 100 million users worldwide. Symbolab is committed to helping students learn math, providing step by step solutions to any math problem, as well as AI-driven personalized learning, assessments, insights and more. It is the most comprehensive math education tool, offering a fully automated platform based on advanced machine learning algorithms. Symbolab is a simple and intuitive way to improve students' math skills and understanding, effectively boosting user confidence by providing the building blocks to tackle any type of math problem, from elementary mathematics to differential equations.

To learn more visit www.symbolab.com


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