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T. Kendall Hunt, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (VDSI), Interviews with The Wall Street Transcript

67 WALL STREET, New York - May 12, 2014 - The Wall Street Transcript has just published its Internet Services Report offering a timely review of the sector to serious investors and industry executives. This special feature contains expert industry commentary through in-depth interviews with public company CEOs and Equity Analysts. The full issue is available by calling (212) 952-7433 or via The Wall Street Transcript Online.

Topics covered: Increased Mobile Content Traffic - Chinese Online Monetization Trends - Social Networking Economics - Chinese Internet Market - Mobile Monetization - Internet Content Providers - Data Security

Companies include: VASCO Data Security Internatio (VDSI) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Internet Services Report, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (VDSI) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: Is the market for security continuing to expand?

Mr. Hunt: It is certainly growing very robustly. Our focus is strong authentication, identity management and also risk-based authentication. As an example, we have the hardware DIGIPASS that has either one button or a window and a keypad. The Cronto technology is a bit different because it enables the user to read a multicolored cryptographic image. If you think back to the description of the signature that I described before, it's a very manual process, it's keying in information from your wire transfer instructions.

Now we have a product where you sign on to the bank's website and up pops a next-generation QR code that is in color and high-definition. You take a picture of that QR code either with your phone or with a small VASCO hardware device, our DIGIPASS 760. After you capture that QR code from the screen, you are given access to your account. Now let's say you want to do four wire transfers. When you finish entering the wire transfer instructions on the bank's application, you push the approval button, and on the screen of your PC or your laptop, the QR code pops up, and it's an encrypted equivalent of those four wire transfer instructions.

After capturing the QR code, those four wire transfer instructions appear on the screen of the 760 device or the screen of your smartphone. Now you can see the four wire transfers that you typed into your account on the bank's website. You can inspect them and make sure they haven't been changed. You then push the approval button, and you see displayed the six-digit number that I described before. So now you have a signature for four wire transfers. You enter that six-digit number into your account at the bank, and you're done.

The next evolution of this solution may be completely hands-free and may have a...

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