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T-Mobile again wins a gold star from JD Power for its customer service

Andy Meek

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T-Mobile likes to pride itself on being an “Un-carrier” among its wireless industry peers, which stems from its belief that it has far and away better customer service than the other guys and as such isn’t really a carrier in the traditional sense. Indeed, customers will no doubt admit real frustration when going into wireless stores, which are often staffed by employees trying to force extra accessories and insurance on you, among other gripes.

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It’s one thing for T-Mobile to tout the supremacy of its customer experience, though, but it’s something else when a company like JD Power does it. According to the latter, which regularly cranks out the results of customer satisfaction surveys, T-Mobile’s customer service is objectively the best of the best. As part of its latest performance study measuring customers’ wireless purchase experience, T-Mobile beat out the other big carriers to nab the top spot.

“At T-Mobile, we are utterly unapologetically customer-experience obsessed, and it shows,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere about the results. “We’ve invested where it counts — in our customers — and widened the gap in both care and purchase experience. But we’re not satisfied watching the carriers shrink in the rear-view mirror … our feet are firmly on the gas and we won’t stop until we have the best customer experience, period. In any industry.”

For this round of surveying, the JD Power US Wireless Purchase Experience Study – Volume 2 assessed wireless providers on everything from courtesy and the knowledge of in-store and phone reps to website ease of use, as well as the cost of service. In the study, T-Mobile took the top spot in overall satisfaction with a score of 864 (on a 1,000-point scale). According to the carrier, that not only improved on its top score from a previous January study but also increased the gap even further between T-Mobile and the nearest competitor.

It is worth noting, however, that the scores produced by this study only reflect the experience of buying stuff from a wireless carrier. It doesn’t measure the quality of the network, which is analyzed as part of an entirely different JD Power study.

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