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T-Mobile's $30 unlimited data plan is for new and existing customers

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The company isn't making much noise about it, but T-Mobile has a prepaid option that is surprisingly inexpensive: unlimited data for $30 a month. And our Consumerist colleagues discovered that it's not just for new activations.

A T-Mobile confirmed to Consumerist that T-Mobile subscribers who are out of contract and want to switch to the $30 plan can do so; they must buy a prepaid device kit from Walmart or a SIM card from T-Mobile, and then the company would change the rate plan on the existing account.

The plan comes with just 100 talk minutes, and speed is throttled after the user passes a monthly 5GB threshold. Still, this could be a great deal for those don't make a lot of calls.

Get lots more details from the Consumerist story, and remember to check your data, voice, and text usage regularly to make sure you're on the best plan for your needs. And for more information and advice, see our cell phones and services buying guide and Ratings.

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