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TABLE-LNG tankers heading to Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

(Marks arrival of Rias Biaxas Knutsen) Jan 12 (Reuters) - The following liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers are expected to arrive in Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands in the coming weeks. Estimated arrival dates, often revised by port authorities and AIS Live ship-tracking data on Refinitiv Eikon, are updated below. Some tankers heading for Belgium and Britain may be loading at the terminal. Those expected to load are indicated with an (). Those likely to perform ship-to-ship transfers are indicated with (STS). Tankers that have docked are indicated with (A). Floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) terminals are added to the table when they near deployment. As of Dec. 27 2022, this includes the Eemshaven terminal in the Netherlands, the Wilhelmshaven and Lubmin terminals in Germany. For the Reuters LNG guide, click here: LNG TANKER CAPACITY in EXPECTED ARRIVAL FROM PORT cubic metres BRITAIN Solaris 152,000 Jan. 9 (A) United States South Hook Methane Princess 135,000 Jan. 9 (A) United States Dragon Rias Biaxas Jan. 12 United Isle Knutsen 180,000 (A) States of Grain Nohshu Maru 177,000 Jan. 12 United States South Hook SM Albatross 171,000 Jan. 12 United States Dragon LNG Enterprise 174,000 Jan. 12 United States South Hook Megara 173,000 Jan. 13 Peru Dragon Castillo De Caldelas 178,000 Jan. 14 United States South Hook Sonangol Benguela 158,000 Jan. 13 Angola Isle of Grain Maran Gas Achilles 172,000 Jan. 14 United States South Hook Maran Gas Agamemnon 172,000 Jan. 15 United States Dragon Soyo 158,000 Jan. 15 Angola Isle of Grain Flex Aurora 174,000 Jan. 16 United States South Hook Fuwairit 138,000 Jan. 18 Qatar Milford Haven LNG Sakura 177,000 Jan. 18 United States South Hook Seapeak Bahrain 170,000 Jan. 19 United States Isle of Grain BW Paris 159,000 Jan. 23 United States South Hook British Achiever 174,000 Jan. 25 United States South Hook SM Bluebird 170,000 Jan. 25 Peru Isle of Grain Minerva Amorgos 170,000 Feb. 3 United States South Hook BELGIUM Bu Samra 261,000 Jan. 10 (A) Qatar Zeebrugge Rudolf Samoylovich 170,000 Jan. 12 (A) N/A Zeebrugge Broog 134,000 Jan. 14 Qatar Zeebrugge Al Deebel 143,000 Jan. 17 Qatar Zeebrugge Fuji LNG 145,000 Jan. 19 Qatar Zeebrugge LNG Merak 174,000 Jan. 20 (L) N/A Zeebrugge Georgiy Brusilov 173,000 Jan. 20 (STS) (L) Russia Zeebrugge Al Daayen 150,000 Jan. 22 Qatar Zeebrugge NETHERLANDS Transgas Force 174,000 Jan. 15 United States Gate Magdala 173,000 Jan. 18 United States Eemshaven GERMANY Melanje 161,000 Jan. 30 Angola Wilhelmshaven Sources: Ports, AIS Live ship tracking, Refinitiv Eikon data. (^) Partial unload (*) Arrival date estimated based on flows data (Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin)