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This Table Ware Brand is Saving The Planet And Helping Your Child Get Smarter At the Same Time

·4 min read

“I started my company for children of this generation and future generations, children around the world who we have yet to meet. Our company’s original brand, REALE, is not only about the ingredients used in the design and manufacturing process of our custom table ware, but also we encourage children from their beginning stage to naturally and joyfully learn table manners. Through our brand we also encourage children to develop “the five important human senses” that are sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

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We are paying close attention to details in the packaging for our products.

To be specific, that means we do not use disposable plastics or films that are harmful to the environment.”

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Meet Hiroaki Sagara director of a global company Sagara Inc.

In 2010 Hiroaki launched Sagara Inc catering to the needs of parents and their kids.

After working with children furniture manufacturer based in Italy and also participating as a distributor for Danish children's furniture brand scaling the brand into a multi million dollar company within 3 years time, Hiroaki in 2014 started his research on eco-friendly biomass plastics targeting the European market for his company’s global expansion.

Currently Hiroaki is planned to set up a pop-up store in Brooklyn, NY while continuing the effort of producing and providing eco friendly custom tableware world wide. In this article, we have had a great privilege of taking a peek into his environment conscious initiative and what makes the company brand “Reale” different from other brands.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us the biggest challenges that you had to overcome since you started this initiative?

The implementation of education for plastic reduction is definitely one of the challenges we have faced. Although “plastic reduction” has been a trend in regions like Europe and the United States, overall awareness is still lower in Japan at a governmental level as well as at related industries such as plastic processing industry and distribution based industry.

That could be said for general consumers as well.

It is possible that Japan may be 5 to 10 years behind when it comes to this theme.

What advice would you have for people you serve?

It is important for people to put more effort into using paper products made of biomass plastics, BIO plastics, biodegradable resins, recycled plastics that can replace petroleum and fossil based plastics.

I think it is important for each and every one of us to participate in environmentally friendly efforts. And we can do that by reducing the use of limited natural resources, reducing the habit of large amounts of consumption and getting serious about the reduction of CO2 in our environment rather than the continued use of disposable products or packaged goods.

We would like to encourage consumers and manufacturers to understand the significance of being conscious of global environment and we would like them to be part of our initiatives and efforts to protect future generation.

How do you think that your initiative will make a huge difference in people’s life?

I think the challenge is to encourage initiatives that contributes to our natural environment. As a human being consuming and being supported by fruits of nature I want to take pride in fulfilling my mission as one of the living creatures on this earth.

I also think that as human beings, one of the most important thing is consumption of food and I believe that a safe and secure meal time with delicious meal joined by the whole family can enrich people’s mind. With our products as a tool I am certain we could encourage more of those moments for people and family across the globe.

What are your future plans?

Within five years time, my aim is for us to be listed as a public company in countries like the US, Singapore or London market and after words in 10 years to grow into a multi billion dollar company. The goal is to have manufacturing bases not only in Japan but in regions like North America, Europe, and other markets. It is our aim to achieve “local production for local consumption”.

And we would also like to develop material that could replace the use of petroleum and fossil plastics.

If we could make our developed environmentally healthy materials available for all industry that utilizes raw materials,even if our market share reaches less than 1%, I believe that would be a massive contribution to the raw material industry’s’ innovative trend.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. Lastly how can our readers follow you on social media?

Thank you for the opportunity to share. Please find us at our instagram or website.