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Taco Bell Just Debuted Its Back-To-School Merch With Fire Sauce Portable Chargers And A Burrito Backpack

Megan Schaltegger
Photo credit: Taco Bell

From Delish

Time to swap out that hot sauce pool float for a numero uno notebook. Taco Bell is softening the back-to-school blow by launching an entire line of must-haves in their shop. With food-themed pencils, backpacks, and hoodies, you'll hit the classroom looking fire sauce hot.

"Students rushing across campus to get to their 8AM can do so looking fresh with Taco Bell short and long sleeved shirts, hoodies, joggers and leggings, all while keeping their coffee hot in a Taco Bell Tumbler," a rep for the brand told Delish. There are also T-Bell notebooks, sauce packet pencils, a USB, a burrito-printed backpack, and the Wisdom Pen.

And though there is a disclaimer that the wisdom pen won't *actually* guarantee success, we can guarantee you'll be the talk of the classroom. And not in a ~shouted the wrong answer~ kind of way.

The products range in price from five bucks to $55, but c'mon, they're necessities. Pencils? Notebooks??? Hoodies????? Those are needs.

Photo credit: Taco Bell
Photo credit: Taco Bell

If you're no longer in school (aka don't need the supplies but still want some swag), guess what? They've got plenty of other goodies, too. The Taco Bell Shop is broken up by category with party supplies, wedding-related gear, fashion accessories, shirts, swimsuits, and so much more. There's even a DIFF Eyewear collab making your dreams of sauce-inspired reading glasses a reality.

Is donating my entire closet and replenishing with Taco Bell merch...excessive?

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