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Taiwan's Eysan Fabrics to Attend Milan Design Week for New Textile

TAINAN, Taiwan, Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Year after year attending textile exhibitions you may start to wonder, "Are all textile exhibitions the same?" At every exhibition, you have no choice but to arduously search out new things or inspiration among the humongous exhibition hall. In the end, you are left with large piles of useless business cards and leave the exhibition unsatisfied. This year's Milan Design Week will remedy the monotony of past exhibitions.

This year's Milan Design Week will be especially unique. Louise Ma, the former show guide for a famous international brand, will lead the design of the exhibition with 15 outstanding Taiwanese textile specialists, including yarn, cloth, and accessory traders, 4 Italian Designers, and 3 exhibition planners. They will artistically showcase Taiwan's textile skill and revolutionize your thoughts about textile exhibitions.

Milan is a city every designer must journey to. For Milan Design Week from April 8 to April 19, all of Milan will serve as exhibition space for Design Week. This year, the Taiwanese team will completely overturn traditional exhibition norms during Milan Design Week and transform preconceived notions of common products and materials to bring a fresh dose of inspiration to the textile industry.

The world's best Italian designers will integrate Taiwan's traditional textile industry of yarn, fabric, and accessories to create an immensely inspiring work of art.

The event's fashion show will also feature Taiwanese designer Chen Junliang as well as 5 well-known fashion designers from Taiwan who use special and unique items to inspire the design of new fashion and promote Taiwan's fashion industry.

Having been established in Taiwan for more than 30 years and being a supplier of reputable international brands, the functional fabric manufacturer "Eysan Fabrics Co., Ltd." has been selected as one of the 15 manufacturers to represent Taiwan during Milan Design Week. In January, leading Yifan Design, Louise Ma together with the Italian designers visited Eysan Fabrics Co., Ltd. There, they selected a new type of non-reflective fabric, waterless dyeing fabric, and environmentally friendly recycled fabric. Working with the environmental theme of the exhibition and using other functional fabrics will subvert tradition and blow away your imagination of fabric.

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Sabina Lin


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