Take the Pain Out of Dialing Conference Calls

If you have a typical corporate job, you’ve probably come to dread conference calls. Yes, they’re a time drain—but also, it’s such a pain to dial all the access codes!

(Often, you punch in all those codes, looking back and forth to the email you were sent that contains them, muttering: “8 digits? Is that really necessary? Are there really 10 million other conference calls going on at this number right now?”)

Anyway, all that is over now. I’m about to change your life.

Meeting Mogul is a free app for iPhone and Android. At the time of the conference call, it pops up a notification—and then auto-dials the dial-in number and the passcode.

All automatically. Just install the app and allow it to access your calendar and contacts. You can even use it to send a quick message to the meeting organizers if you’re running late or have a last-minute conflict.

It’s a godsend.

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