Taking Daft Punk’s helmets to the next level

The team at LoveProps has just given the classic Daft Punk helmet a makeover and this is far more than just a replica.

This version of the electronic duo’s helmet maintains the futuristic aesthetic but gives it a high-tech overhaul. It features 250 RGB LED lights, Wi-Fi functionality MIDI capability and motion/audio interaction.

The LED lights can be programmed using special software or they can be set to detect the beat of incoming music, and will animate to the tempo.

While we don’t expect to see this work of art on shelves anytime soon maybe someday, we’ll be lucky enough to see Daft Punk perform with helmets as advanced as this one.

SOURCE: http://www.youredm.com/2016/09/06/this-fan-made-daft-punk-helmet-outdoes-the-real-thing/

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