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We need to talk about public EV charging etiquette

Sasha Lekach

When I pulled into the Tesla Supercharger station at an outdoor mall in Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge, I felt like I was part of a secret club.

It helped that I snagged the last available charger — it was like making it in before the bouncer cuts off the line. For the next 45 minutes my borrowed Tesla Model 3 was plugged in and I was keenly aware of the line of Model X, 3, and S cars piling up waiting for their turn at the fast charge stations. At one point the queue to charge was five deep.

Things stayed orderly. Mostly because of the $1-per-minute idle fee looming (it's double the usual 50 cents when the station is full) and the sign reminding everyone not to charge for more than an hour. Read more...

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