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Talking Cars: Our experts discuss life with the Tesla Model S

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Auto Test Director Jake Fisher, my fellow Senior Auto Test engineer Gabe Shenhar, and I recorded this Tesla-only episode of our podcast, Talking Cars with Consumer Reports, to share more insights on this top-scoring car. You asked for it, and we delivered.

As you'll quickly glean from listening to the podcast, we enjoyed recording this episode—and we enjoyed our Tesla Model S. A lot (as this drift video shows.) There are so many fascinating points of conversation about the car, but we're most struck by how Tesla rewrote a lot of familiar rules.

Would our engineers buy a Model S, if they had the coin? Does Gabe enjoy rest stop pizza while using the Tesla Supercharger recharging station? And how does driving the Tesla help satisfy Tom's childhood dream of being a space shuttle astronaut? Find out in the podcast.

As always, we welcome your comments below.

—Tom Mutchler

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