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Talking Cars: Our experts discuss the Tesla battery swap, diesels, and some disappointing test results

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We're very happy to bring you new episodes of Talking Cars with Consumer Reports. Episode 7 features Auto Test Director Jake Fisher, and senior engineers Gabe Shenhar and Tom Mutchler, who doubles as your host.

This episode is an opinionated no-holds-barred romp through a wide variety of subjects. We start out debating the significance of Tesla's recent battery swap announcement, then move on to discuss diesel economics. Listen for my mini-rant about privileged parking spots for fuel-efficient cars at rest areas.

Then we talk about some recent test results, including the disappointing Acura RLX and Honda Crosstour. Our Jaguar XF has us musing about just how "sporty" some upscale sports sedans really are, despite the badge on their hood.

Opinions split about the Buick Encore, but consensus quickly builds when answering a Facebook question about the most comfortable crossover for under $25,000.

Look for episode #8 next week where we answer previously-submitted questions. We'll also have an episode near the end of the month about our latest test results.

—Tom Mutchler

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