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Tamino Minerals, Inc. filed a complaint in Mexico with the FGR

MONTREAL, July 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tamino Minerals, Inc. ("Tamino" or the "Company") (OTC Markets: TINO) Tamino Minerals, Inc. filed a complaint through its subsidiary company,  Minerales Tamino S.A. from C.V. along with other affiliates filed against a individual at the Attorney General's Office in Mexico, FGR, for Fraud. The Mexican authorities have informed us that they are fully aware of this complaint but cannot make any clarification in this regard unless we appear at their offices.

Our request was to be officially informed of the whereabouts of said investigation via formal notice. Until today the CEO of our Company tried to communicate officially with the Attorney General and has not received a formal response on this claim. They informed us that they will proceed with the complaint that the Company presented if we appeared at the Attorney General's Office as soon as possible.

If the current Government, who is leading the fourth transformation of Mexico, is being honest, they should support us to resolve this situation so that our Company can proceed with our exploration programs and our shareholders and the country of Mexico can benefit from this.

This program includes an exhaustive Drilling Program in a well-known mining district of the State of Sonora. Sonora is the number one Gold producer in the Mexican Republic. Drilling it could give us an estimated value of fraud.

To the community of Journalists and Media in Mexico and Latin America, we would appreciate if you could give us your support to continue our work so that this investigation follows due course. Hopefully this year Santa Claus does appear during Christmas.


Pedro Villagran-Garcia, General Director

Tamino Minerals, Inc.

Phone 1-514-432-7746 or email info@taminominerals.ca