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The Tampa Bay Outback Bowl Is More than a Game for Universities, Businesses, Charities and Fans

The Outback Bowl gives to universities and charities and provides fans from all over the country the opportunity to enjoy the all Tampa Bay area has to offer.

TAMPA, Fla., September 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- For more than 30 years, the Outback Bowl has created exciting match-ups between some of college's best teams. But the Outback Bowl is so much more than a game.

The Outback Bowl creates a positive impact for Tampa Bay businesses by drawing tens of thousands of supporters from across the country to enjoy the region. Student-athletes and fans have the chance to make amazing, long-lasting memories with their favorite schools. Millions of dollars are invested back into universities each year. Over its history the Bowl has given almost $150 million to schools and through the Outback Bowl Charitable Giving Initiative, more than 100 local non-profit organizations have received over $1 million in contributions to help them make the Tampa Bay region a better place for all.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed by the region. Recently, the Outback Bowl was featured in Tampa Bay Business and Wealth as one of Tampa Bay's best-timed and highest-quality ambassador events. Jim McVay, who has been the President and CEO of the Outback Bowl for more than 30 years, believes that Tampa's phenomenal winter weather, award-winning beaches, and the Bowl's ability to draw competitive teams set the New Year's Day game apart from the rest.

"Both the SEC and Big 10 are filled with tradition-rich, high-profile programs and they have fans that are willing to travel to see them, especially when they get to travel toward sunshine and warm weather," said McVay. "And when the fans come pouring into town, the community – particularly the hospitality industry – wins."

Over the lifetime of the Outback Bowl, the community has experienced over $1 billion in economic impact thanks to fans' hotel stays, car rentals, dinners out and tourism activities.

"The opportunity to end every year on a high and kick off the next with a massive event like the Outback Bowl is foundational for Visit Tampa Bay. We are very fortunate to have such a great partner," said Santiago C. Corrada, president and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay. "We look forward to continuing a great relationship and bringing thousands of fans from SEC and Big 10 schools, which are vital geographic markets for our organization and our hospitality industry in general."

With only five full-time staff, the Outback Bowl team relies on volunteers and community partnerships to make the yearly celebration a reality. The game and surrounding events, as well as the community impact, are made possible by title sponsor Outback Steakhouse. The sponsor relationship between Tampa-based Outback Steakhouse and the Bowl is the longest running in for any bowl game in the nation.

"We are so proud of the relationships we've built in the Tampa Bay region and the tremendous impact those relationships have allowed us to have on this community," said McVay.

From once-in-a-lifetime experiences for players and bonding opportunities for fans, to providing millions in support to local non-profits and creating a billion-dollar boost to the Tampa Bay economy, the Outback Bowl has always been more than a game.

Learn more at http://www.outbackbowl.com.