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Tampa Man Awarded U.S. Patent Aims to Change the Briefcase Forever

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tampa-based Marketing Executive Eric Polins, a Managing Partner at HCP Associates, recently received Patent #10,070,709 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for his briefcase design that has interchangeable panels.

"When I got my first real job at an ad agency back in the 90s, my prize possession was a beautiful brown BOSCA® briefcase from my wife. Only one problem…when I wore black shoes and a black belt, I couldn't carry my expensive brown leather briefcase," Polins said.

So, what's a businessperson with a tight budget and keen fashion sense do if they don't want to commit the ultimate fashion faux pas? According to Polins, it's been a mission he has been pondering for years and he decided to engage a local patent attorney to help him explore the industry for the solution.

Saint Petersburg-based Patent Attorney Brittany Maxey said, "When I first met Eric, he was extraordinarily passionate and felt this was something that didn't exist. After our USPTO search and a year of his beta concepts and designs, he landed on 'the one' that was officially granted. I just want one now so I can coordinate unlimited combinations for my own wardrobe!"

The briefcase that Polins claims "Will revolutionize the Briefcase Industry" can be seen at www.betterbriefcase.com.  

"It's not your Dad's briefcase anymore! I envision making the base affordable for people of all ages with different options on color combinations for the side panels. It's kind of like the Swatch® concept from the early 80s as far as being able to change and intermingle colors, styles and materials. And in a world where individuality is celebrated, I think people are ready to see the old man briefcase change," Polins said.

Polins is currently contemplating licensing the patent to a large brand player with equity in the industry or partnering with another strategic partner to commence branding and production.

Lastly, Polins said, "I'm not a Shark like the folks on the hit TV show, but I am an Adman at heart and can deliver a good pitch. I'm keeping options open as I begin to entertain offers."

Coincidentally, Polins achieved second place in industry ad giant Ogilvy's "Greatest Salesperson in the World" Competition in 2010 in Cannes, France. Perhaps this is another shot for the title with his "Better Briefcase?"


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