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Tamper Seal Supplier, American Casting and Manufacturing, Discusses the Importance of Inspection Seals for Elevators

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., Feb. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of people every day put their trust in elevators to bring them where they need to go. That confidence comes from the rigorous inspections elevators go through routinely. Inspection seals prove that elevators are safe -- any tampering with these notices can potentially put people in grave danger. 

Tamper seal supplier, American Casting and Manufacturing, discusses the importance of inspection seals for elevators. 

There are strict guidelines about the use of inspection seals for elevators, and for good reason. Inspection seals need to be tamper evident, leaving clear evidence if an unauthorized person tries to remove the seal or change any of the information on it. This is very important for a building to be within compliance. Each elevator is marked with a unique ID number which needs to be accurately transcribed onto the seal. The seal needs to be placed visibly within the elevator and on all parts of the mainline disconnect when the inspection is complete, and the entire process needs to be documented. This is essential for making sure elevators are safe to use and knowing when routine maintenance needs to be performed.

Security seals also prevent accidents in malfunctioning elevators. When an elevator needs repair or is considered temporarily dormant, law requires that a wire seal or padlock seal be installed on the mainline disconnect switch to prevent use. Only when the elevator is proven to be fully functional can that seal be removed by an authorized user such as a code official. Without this tamper-resistant seal in place, someone could easily release the mainline disconnect and operate the dysfunctional elevator -- which would spell disaster for those riding it. 

Seals used on elevators need to be tamper-resistant and easily documented via customization options like alphanumeric serialization. This helps keep people safe when riding the elevator -- which is important considering there are an average of 325 million elevator rides per day. 

American Casting and Manufacturing produces a variety of tamper evident security seals that help keep people safe, in elevators and beyond. 

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