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Target Labels Plus-Sized Dress 'Manatee Grey' While Calling Smaller Sizes 'Heather Grey'

Ashley Lutz

Target shopper Susan Clemens noticed a discrepancy while shopping on the retailer's website. 

A kimono maxi dress was listed as "dark heather grey" for smaller sizes. But when Clemens went to select a plus-sized dress, she noticed the color description changed to "manatee grey."

She posted about the incident on Twitter

Target told Jeff Bercovici at Forbes that the missy and plus-sized versions of the dress were assigned to different merchants, which explains the discrepancy in the color name. 

"Manatee grey" is a common color name used in a range of products on the website, the spokesman said. 

The retailer took the item off the site until the color could be changed. 


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