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Target Poster From The '60s Looks Strikingly Similar To Mad Men Season 6 Ad

Laura Stampler

Illustrator Brian Sanders' hand-drawn, vintage-style poster for the "Mad Men" season 6 premiere drove fans wild with its hidden plot clues.

It drove Target historian — yes, that's a real thing — Tony Jahn crazy for another reason: He felt like he'd seen the ad before.

It turns out that the AMC commissioned poster bears a striking resemblance to a 1960s ad campaign from Dayton, Target's predecessor.

Here's the "Mad Men" poster:

don draper mad men poster


And here's the Target one from 1964 (now on the company's blog):

target ad vintage


What do you think?

dayton target ad don draper mad men

Target / AMC

In fairness to Mad Men and Sanders, AMC commissioned his poster precisely because it emulated ads from the period.

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