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Taye Diggs Explains His Butt Selfie

Taye Diggs co-hosted the third hour of Today on Monday, and that gave the actor a chance to explain the thinking behind the butt selfie he recently posted to Instagram. In the post, Diggs appears to be wearing a T-shirt and socks with nothing else, and the mirror in the background shows his naked backside. According to Diggs, it was all in good fun.

Photo: Instagram

“I thought it was funny. I didn’t realize it would garner the attention it did,” Diggs said.

Diggs was also quick to point out that this isn’t the first time he bared his butt for all the world to see. He has appeared onscreen in various states of undress plenty of times. But those close to him still thought something wasn’t right.

“I had people texting me going, ‘Are you all right? Are things all right at home?’” Diggs said.

Everything was all right until Al Roker had to go and make things weird when he began to compliment Diggs on his rear end.

“No offense, but you could crack walnuts with that thing,” Roker said, adding, “I think you ought to raise money for charity doing the butt challenge.”

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