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Taylor Swift and more celeb courtroom sketches: the good, the bad, and the guilty

On Thursday, Taylor Swift took the stand in a federal court case to reassert her claim that David Mueller groped her during a 2013 photo shoot. The former disc jockey took the “Bad Blood” singer to court for defamation in 2015, but now Swift is countersuing — and is asking for damages of $1 to prove a point.

As cameras are not allowed in the courtroom, a sketch artist is depicting the trial’s proceedings as they unfold — and the Twitterverse is having a field day with the drawings that have emerged so far.

This isn’t the first time celebrity courtroom sketches have been made fun of by fans.

The internet had a similar reaction to courtroom sketches of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the 2015 ‘Deflategate’ hearings.

Here is what Lindsay Lohan fans said about her sketch.

Others who have been subjected to teasing include Rihanna, Martha Stewart, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton.

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