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Taylor Swift's tweets from 2009 are pure gold

Taryn Ryder
Writer, Yahoo Celebrity

As Taylor Swift wipes all of her social media accounts clean, we are pouring one out for vintage Twitter Taylor.

We know the singer hates being called calculated, but it’s clear that as Swift’s career evolved, so too did her public persona on the networking site. Despite cleaning house with her old tweets — as we type — we got our hands on a few goodies from the golden era of 2009. You know, back when she counted Katy Perry and Justin Bieber as pals.

In honor of Tay’s favorite number 13, here are 13 of our favorite Swift tweets from 2009 (screengrabbed right before she deleted them) that she sent to other celebs.

John Mayer: Did Taylor and John’s brief love affair start on Twitter? Sure, they collaborated on Mayer’s song, “Half of My Heart,” but they were flirting the whole time under our noses and we missed it.

Katy Perry: See… there really was “mad love” between Katy and Taylor before there was “Bad Blood.” No wonder Taylor wants her old tweets deleted ASAP.

Demi Lovato: We know that Demi isn’t a fan of Taylor’s squad… but there was once a time she was in it, whether she wanted to be or not.

Selena Gomez: Some things never change… Taylor + Selena = Best Friends Forever.

Justin Bieber: Things were clearly cool between The Biebs and Swift before all of his drama with Selena.

Jordin Sparks: Who doesn’t love when Taylor fangirls out over other celebs?

Kellie Pickler: Remember when Kellie Pickler was part of Taylor’s squad? Yeah, us either.

Taylor, if you ever decide to come back to us on Twitter, bring back some of your 2009 awesomeness. OK, or just a new song will do.

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