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TB12 Acquires Wellness and Nutrition Company, VitalFit

BOSTON, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TB12, the performance lifestyle brand co-founded by six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and business partner Alex Guerrero, announced today that it has acquired VitalFit Nutrition - a wellness and nutrition company offering innovative, plant-based fitness recovery products. Together, TB12 and VitalFit will explore new product innovations in an effort to continue helping people of all ages perform and recover better.


This strategic acquisition supports the TB12 mission of transforming global health and wellness by empowering individuals to prevent injury, improve longevity, and enhance their peak performance. As a complement to TB12, VitalFit is committed to developing innovative solutions that help the human body move, recover, and function at its best and will help expand TB12's line of plant-based nutritional supplements. 

"We're excited to welcome VitalFit to the TB12 family. VitalFit is an innovative brand that's disrupted the product development process in the nutritional supplements industry, providing exceptional high-quality and efficacious products," said John Burns, CEO of TB12. "Our goal is to continue to identify key acquisitions like VitalFit that expand our product and service offerings so we can stay at the forefront of human performance and recovery."

With the new relationship, VitalFit is now offering their best-selling recovery products - Tart Cherry, Rested, and RedRoot - at the TB12 Performance & Recovery Centers in Boston and Foxboro, as well as on TB12sports.com. As a natural anti-inflammatory, Tart Cherry helps counter the effects of inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage on the body through restorative plant compounds that are unique to tart cherries.* Rested combines naturally-occurring melatonin found in tart cherries with 72 trace minerals from marine-derived magnesium to help reset your sleep cycle and facilitate deep, restorative sleep.* RedRoot is an oxygenating, pre-training blend made up of red violet beets and raw red spinach that helps to increase energy, boost endurance, and fight muscle fatigue.*

VitalFit Co-Founders Alfred Schofield and Cameron Fischer will join TB12's product innovation team following the acquisition.  "TB12 was a brand we looked up to and aspired to be like as we were developing VitalFit," said Alfred. Cameron added, "we couldn't be prouder to be joining forces with the TB12 team to help grow VitalFit and further enhance our mission of helping the body restore itself and function at its highest performance level."

Specific financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more information, please visit www.TB12sports.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About TB12
TB12 is transforming global health & wellness by empowering athletes to prevent injury, improve longevity, and raise their peak performance. Founded by 3-time NFL MVP and 6-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady and business partner Alex Guerrero, TB12 delivers personalized, comprehensive programming to a worldwide audience. TB12 integrates revolutionary concepts in muscle pliability work, hydration, nutrition, functional strength & conditioning, and cognitive fitness. TB12 supports athletes through an omnichannel approach that incorporates physical locations, immersive digital experiences, and innovative functional products. Information about TB12 products and services is available at TB12sports.com. To keep up with the latest TB12 news, please follow TB12 on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TB12sports) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/TB12sports).

About VitalFit
VitalFit's mission is to create innovative, plant-based recovery products rooted in preventative and naturopathic medicine—a way to get the human mind and body back on track with the right fix, not the quick one. From problem discovery to ingredient selection, product feedback to packaging design, VitalFit collaborates with forward-thinking wellness experts, fitness professionals and everyday health-conscious people to build a novel brand with innovative products. www.vitalfitnutrition.com

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