TCM Propels NinjaInfluence into Cryptocurrencies with Newly Added Internal Payment Capabilities

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Updates also include consolidated, single-view CRM-like workspace and AI-driven influencer recommendation engine to engage millions of influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more


Influencer marketing platform NinjaInfluence announced new feature updates adding key competitive advantages for online marketers and eCommerce business. NinjaInfluence’s powerful proprietary technology identifies and connects with over a hundred million social media influencers to discover and connect with the ones that most precisely reach each business’ specifically targeted customers.

Newly added features to NinjaInfluence include:

  • Internal payments – the ability to pay influencers from inside the NinjaInfluence platform

  • Related profiles recommendation engine – helps users find wider range of relevant influencers

  • Consolidated CRM-like workspace – single dashboard view for influencer management

“These new features provide even more power to our customers, giving them all the speed, accuracy and agility they need so they never get left behind in the high-velocity world of influencer marketing,” said NinjaInfluence CEO Gabi Bar. “The NinjaInfluence platform continues to bring the most advanced, data-driven technologies available to help eCommerce brands find new customers and grow sales.”

NinjaInfluence’s new internal payments feature, facilitates flexible and direct payments to influencers from inside the platform itself. NinjaInfluence payment capabilities now include wallet-to-wallet, credit card and ACH transfers, and most significantly, a variety of cryptocurrencies as a way to speed payments, avoid multiple banking systems, encourage followers and save banking fees.

“This is crucial because influencers are known early adopters of cryptocurrency,” said Bar. “A majority are known to already own cryptocurrency, and most are rapidly becoming enthusiastic about being paid in cryptocurrency for their content creation.”

Additional new features include NinjaInfluence’s AI and ML based profile recommendation engine that allows users to identify additional relevant influencers based on other influencers they search for and interact with. Because NinjaInfluence is constantly scraping to add new influencers, the system provides unprecedented exposure and engagement for eCommerce businesses.

Finally, NinjaInfluence has added a unified workspace with CRM-like functionality that allows influencer marketing managers to control all communication, payments, campaigns, tracking and coupons related to an influencer from a single-page dashboard. The added convenience takes NinjaInfluence’s utility and efficacy to a new level.

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NinjaInfluence streamlines the process of developing and executing influencer marketing campaigns that secure product reviews and endorsements on trending social media outlets, including, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and others. Scalable and effective through its use of powerful big data technology, NinjaInfluence searches through millions of contacts to intelligently identify qualified influencer leads, and enable the launch of influencer campaigns with traceable ROI. For more information, a free trial or to subscribe to NinjaInfluence, visit

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