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Team Human

Douglas Rushkoff

Originally published by Douglas Rushkoff on LinkedIn: Team Human

I've neglected to promote my new Team Human podcast on LinkedIn. Something about the theme of the show and the business atmosphere of this platform felt at odds to me. But now that Team Human, as a meme, a community, and a set of truly compelling content have become something of a career for me, I may as well sing about it from every real and virtual mountaintop.

Team Human is a series of spoken essays by me, and interviews with thinkers and doers from around the world, about human intervention in the machine.

Autonomous technologies, runaway markets, and weaponized media seem to have overturned civil society, paralyzing our ability to think constructively, connect meaningfully, or act purposefully. It feels as if civilization itself were on the brink, and that we lack the collective willpower and coordination necessary to address issues of vital importance to the very survival of our species. 

Everyone is asking how we got here, as if this were a random slide toward collective incoherence and disempowerment. It is not. There's a reason for our current predicament: an anti-human agenda embedded in our technology, our markets, and our major cultural institutions from education and religion to civics and media. It has turned them from forces for human connection and expression into ones of isolation and repression.

By unearthing this agenda, discovering its origins, and rejecting its logic, we render ourselves capable of transcending its paralyzing effects, reconnecting to one another, and remaking society toward human ends rather than the end of humans. It’s time we reassert the human agenda. And we must do so together - not as the individual players we have been led to imagine ourselves to be - but as the team we actually are. Team Human.

So please come to http://teamhuman.fm where you can listen or subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, or RSS. Or just check out the latest episode, where David Sax and I discuss the Revenge of the Analog. Or this one on Weaponized Memetics. Or how about me and RU Sirius discussing the fate of the counterculture. Or this one, with Bas Van Abel of Fairphone, on the challenge of developing environmentally sustainable tech (without the use of slave labor!)

We're 33 episodes in, which constitutes being off and running. These are the kinds of conversations I dreamed of having since I was a kid - the reason I got into writing books in the first place: to have great, deep discussions. But, more important, we are asserting the human agenda in a media space that seems determined to cast humans as the enemy. We're not. Humans are the good guys.

Please, join Team Human.