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Team3D's Public Listing of VIDYA Heralds the Beginning of Blockchain Gaming's Future

·5 min read

Toronto, Canada, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For a long time now, crypto enthusiasts have imagined a future where decentralized gaming would grow into a force to be reckoned with. And when CryptoKitties came along and proved that blockchain gaming really was viable, it seemed like the sky was the limit. But the ensuing years have seen the crypto gaming space stagnate. Most developers have since focused on simplicity and revenue generation rather than on creating memorable immersive gaming experiences.

But now, Team3D wants to change all of that. In announcing their new VIDYA token and its accompanying platform, their goal is nothing less than to create a self-sustaining ecosystem to foster the development of next-generation immersive crypto games. Their idea is as revolutionary as it is simple: what if blockchain gaming developers had the financial support necessary to spend the time it takes to create something more than rudimentary item collection and trading games?

VIDYA provides exactly that and more. Its primary purpose, according to its developers, is "To sustain an economy built for real games that have been in development for over two years, that touch on different aspects of tokenomics that we have seen so much of lately, such as deflationary and proof-of-liquidity models. The limits are boundless, and you will always have a stake in everything we do so long as you hold this token."

But that's not all. It's also a DeFi token and escrow service that provides developers with a viable in-game currency and a medium for cross-game item support. That means it can serve as a unifying force for a whole new generation of innovative blockchain games as well. It accomplishes the feat by allowing any game built using Web3 standards and libraries to use VIDYA as a player wager and lobby system that allows players to commit their stakes according to player-set preconditions.

It also upends the traditional in-game purchase model where users buy perks and items that hold no real-world value and whose ownership is tied to the whims of the game publisher. Items managed by the VIDYA inventory system are immutable, and players can buy, sell, and trade them at will. And because the system itself operated independently of any publisher, there's no chance that a purchased item might someday be taken away with no recourse for the player.

By providing that functionality, developers can include real-world consequences for the in-game actions of the players of the games they build and create multi-game inventory sharing systems that encourage players to try new titles. That, along with the economic viability that VIDYA creates, will allow developers to remain focused on delivering groundbreaking new gaming approaches without worrying about building new blockchain components and smart contracts from scratch.

Team3D even provides an all-in-one management interface for all things VIDYA so game developers don't have to build supporting infrastructure to use it in a game. It's called TeamOS, and it will soon give players and developers alike a single-sign-on interface to manage all of their VIDYA assets. From contributing to the system's staking system to bartering game items with other users, there's almost nothing connected to the platform that TeamOS won't handle.

This comprehensive system didn't evolve overnight. Team3D's unique approach to future blockchain gaming development is a result of its' members lengthy and in-depth experience in the space. Made up of game developers, digital artists, and programmers who combine to bring the industry's most unique skill sets to the table, they already have a long track record of blockchain success. Their previous work includes everything from popular blockchain games like TronGoo and TronFarms to the on-chain messaging platform 0x60.

And all of that experience is what has led them to take on the challenge of building the VIDYA platform into the premier blockchain gaming ecosystem they envision it to be. As the public sale begins, Team3D plans to set to work doing what they love – which is to create new games for passionate gamers who have been all but ignored by the blockchain gaming space up until now. They aim to bring competitive, player vs. player environments and cutting edge tokenomics concepts like deflationary mechanics and item degradation together to provide players with unforgettable blockchain gaming experiences.

And with Team3D already hard at work building out their cross-game inventory system and preparing a test of an FPS game concept, it won't be long until the VIDYA ecosystem gets off to a roaring start – with even more exciting developments to follow.

About Team3D

Team3D is a Toronto-based collective of game developers, digital artists, and programmers all committed to helping the blockchain gaming space live up to its lofty potential. They're bringing their considerable expertise and experience to bear to revolutionize the way decentralized games are made. With countless successful decentralized apps and games to their credit, they're uniquely positioned at the crossroads of creativity and technology. From that vantage point, they hope to foster a high-stakes, emotion-driven gaming environment that's purpose-built to serve both the competitive gaming community as well as the average crypto enthusiast. To learn more about Team3D or VIDYA, visit them on the web at Team3D.io, on Telegram, or through their official Discord channel.

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Company: Team3D
Email: info@team3d.io
Website: https://team3d.io/